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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

NEW – Customer Email Responsiveness (CER) records now available to participating companies via scorView.

Surviscor’s scorView™ is an web-based, online database service that houses all available research data collected by Surviscor through surveys, email transmissions and scorCard™ reviews. The service allows for superior competitive comparisons through charts, graphs, scores, rankings and various key scorCard™ criteria enabling the firm to fully analyse its online offering versus competitive offerings.

scorView™ empowers firms by providing access to analytical tools that will allow an independent analysis of scores and rankings for any published scorCard™. Firms have the ability to effectively utilize internal resources by allowing Surviscor to perform all required external industry and peer research at a small portion of the cost of full time employees and/or specialized departments. In addition, the data obtained is presented from a third party, non-biased, industry specialist which is imperative for proper research analytics and future development platforms and scoping.

Surviscor is committed to continually improving the online service and content. Research briefs and industry information will be updated and published regularly. The criteria that can be viewed through the service will be updated after every scorCard™ in order to allow users to quickly understand gaps that exist in their offering and to identify future industry trends.

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