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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Surviscor does not limit its business practices to simply writing and distributing reports and studies. In addition, Surviscor is not limited to any one industry. The beauty of the methodology is that companies can perform custom scorCard studies to aid internal development and design plans no matter what the industry or internal requirements.

Companies can use Surviscor to produce interim scorCards to help validate new design and features planned prior to actually launching the enhancements.Some of the features and potential customized consulting work are, but not limited to:

Customized scorCards

  • Independent scorCards™ that identify a few firms
  • Serve as ‘specific’ views of required information
  • Key element of targeted strategic moves

Prototype Reviews and Recommendations

  • Review concept designs for design and functionality
  • Provide industry features and functionality guidelines
  • Recommend plans of actions based upon resources and timelines

Email Responsiveness detailed Reviews

  • Detailed analysis of actual response text, validity and time to answer
  • Detailed comparison of individual firm results versus industry averages
  • Possibility to run firm specific testing and reviews
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