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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

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Customer efficiency is the cornerstone of internet effectiveness for consumers. Many companies spend millions of dollars trying to perfect the user’s online experience to ensure users receive a high level of online satisfaction. Other companies depend on the features and functionalities of their online offerings to maximize customer efficiency.

Surviscor developed a proprietary process, now called the Service Level Index - SLI (formerly known as the Customer Email responsiveness (CER) rating), to gauge how well firms are responding to customer, or potential customer enquiries. The SLI determine the firm’s ability to efficiently respond to anonymous service questions. The SLI provides companies with valuable information regarding the customer service experience of both existing and potential customers.


  • Track company response time and accuracy in responding to anonymous service questions;
  • SLI rating established for each company surveyed on a monthly basis;
  • Average standards are established within each grouping of companies to aid in the determination of the SLI;
  • Online Access to Individual Records (via scorView™).

SLI Year-In-Review Report

The ‘State of Customer Service’ report is a comprehensive responsiveness-based review based upon the most recent 12-month year-end SLI records accumulated by Surviscor. The report provides a detailed look at the various aspects of a service enquiry, including the time to respond and the accuracy of the answer.

Report Features:

  • 2 years of Industry Response and Index Averages;
  • 2 years of Firm, Competitors, Top firm, Top 5 firm averages and Top 10 firms averages data;
  • Top Ten List based on response times;
  • Monthly deatiled summary of actual service records;
  • Industry and Firm trending over a 3 year period;
  • Monthly analysis with charts;
  • Quarterly analysis;
  • Days of the week analysis;
  • General 2-3 year trending information.

Report Benefits:

  • Improved Understanding of Service levels
  • Improve Non-Customer Service Offering Through Competitive Benchmarking;
  • Comprehensive Detail to Validate Current Service Levels and Business Strategy.

Who Needs To Know:

  • Call centre management;
  • Marketing – how are prospective customers being handled?;
  • Business leaders – Likely the same experience internally with real clients;
  • The service representatives.
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