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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
scorCard™ Reviews

scorCards™ serve as industry benchmarks for consumers and industry firms and identify the firms who are considered leading-edge solutions providers and those whose online offerings are well below industry standards.

The Surviscor scorCard Difference

  • Canadian focused – Canadian made;
  • Reliance on industry participant feedback;
  • Public-facing to benefit both provider and the customer;
  • Audits the deliverable;
  • Objective criteria with depth and breadth;
  • Continuous tracking of progress against benchmarks;
  • Clear findings leading to clear actions.

The Surviscor scorCard Difference

The Surviscor scorCardsâ„¢ are comprised, in most cases, of over 2000 binary questions that are divided into multiple categories. The scorCard™ process is accomplished by meeting with firms surveyed, performing independent website reviews as well as performing online analysis of the site’s performance along with anonymous email contact with the firms.

The scorCard is divided into key measurement categories, each containing sub-categories of multiple objective criteria. Each category is weighted according to their industry-defined importance, and each company is provided with a category ranking and overall ranking. For example:

Question Firm Score
1 1
2 1
3 0
45 1
Category Score: 36 or 80%

Each of the firms is evaluated by sub-category and the Overall result is determined using an appropriate percentage breakdown of the industry user.

Overall Profile Score – Firm Level

Category Firm Score % to Overall
1 80 10% 8
2 60 25% 15
3 60 15% 9
4 90 35% 31.5
5 80 15% 12
Overall Profile Score: 75.5

Surviscor generally secures national or regional press coverage. Some of the current, and under development, Surviscor scorCards™ are:

Online Discount Brokerage
Online Banking
Mobile Banking
Online Public Website Banking
Online Commercial Banking
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