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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Firm Savings

Canadian firms spend a large amount of money performing internal research of their immediate clientele and less money understanding their non-clients. More importantly, firms establish large internal departments with high FTE costs to perform competitive benchmarking. Surviscor provides firms with knowledgeable, un-biased, cost-effective third party competitive and industry benchmarking and best practice analysis at a fraction of the cost of expensive FTE departments. The process uses many resources and takes very long to achieve the firm’s goals. The time delay (time to market) can be long. The delay can lead to inefficient online strategy and wasted dollars since the internet is an ongoing evolution of change. Surviscor eliminates the research portion of the ‘time to market’ calculation thus saving firm’s money.

Business Benefits - Partnership

Surviscor provides industry expertise and competitive industry data to aid firms in defining monumental successful business strategies and forecasts. Surviscor acts as a key third party research provider within the firm and partners in the Business Intelligence Process of the firm.

The additional partnership benefits to the firm:

  • Provide ongoing, up-to-date industry trends, features and timely email responsiveness data
  • Provide non-industry web trends and usage
  • Online access to all of Surviscor’s knowledge through scorView

Consumer Benefits

The Canadian online user can use Surviscor’s vast informational database to aid in their determination of service providers. Surviscor’s FREE online access and association within the online survey community will allow a user to:

  • Participate in ongoing consumer user group surveys to provide a voice to Canadian firms of their desired online features and functionalities
  • Determine the best service based upon their needs and desires
  • Research features and functionalities
  • Research customer service levels
  • Research price/cost information

Surviscor is currently developing an online database ‘firm determination’ tool that will allow a website visitor to answer a small questionnaire about their usage with the response providing the top 3 possible firm selections based on their online usage criteria. The determination tool will use the most recent scorCard™ information as the supporting information.

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