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Sunday, February 25, 2024
Glenn LaCoste � Founder and President, Lead Banking and Brokerage Analyst Glenn LaCoste - Founder and President, Lead Banking and Brokerage Analyst

Mr. LaCoste has over 20 years of experience in financial services and has been actively involved in scorecarding reviews within the Canadian financial services industry since 2003. Mr. LaCoste has held Executive positions in the brokerage marketplace at CT Securities and Datek Canada (formerly Ameritrade Canada) after starting his career at TD GreenLine (now TD Waterhouse) in 1990. Mr. LaCoste currently runs an affiliate company, TJL Interactive, which specializes in operational consulting, website strategy, design and hosting.

Mr. LaCoste is considered a leading spokesperson and analyst in both the online banking and brokerage industries in Canada and has become a regular television guest on various BNN segments and is often quoted in Canadian financial services articles. In addition, Mr. LaCoste has served as a juror in selection of the best online brokerage firm for the Canadian Investment Awards and has been a guest on the Globe and Mail personal investing video segments and a guest on the TD Waterhouse webcast series.

For more information on TJL Interactive, please visit the website at

Peter Boettcher � Chief Technology Officer Peter Boettcher - Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Boettcher is an accomplished Web and Application Architect and oversees the Surviscor website content and functionality. Mr. Boettcher was instrumental in building the Surviscor online client database,scorView™, and the internal administration site, providing Surviscor with a fresh perspective on website design and functionality.

Mr. Boettcher brings over 15 years of experience developing web solutions for clients such as American Express Canada and HBC and is actively involved in website design, strategy and hosting consulting via TJL Interactive.

Robert Webber � Advisor and Brokerage Analyst Robert Webber - Advisor and Brokerage Analyst

Mr. Webber began his 23 year career as an institutional money market salesman with National Bank of Canada in 1987 covering some of Canada's largest and most sophisticated financial organizations. He was soon transferred to the trading desk at the banks brokerage affiliate, Levesque Beaubien Geoffrion where he continued his responsibilities while gaining exposure to trading strategies in both cash and derivative securities including fixed income and foreign exchange. He earned his CFA designation while also representing the firm for a decade on the prestigious Money Market Primary Dealer Committee. Here, he regularly liaised with senior representatives from the bank and dealer community, the IDA and Bank of Canada, as he helped shape policy in Canada's debt capital markets. This included writing IDA policy number 5, governing the ethical conduct of employee's engaged in the buying and selling of fixed income products in Canada.

In 2001 he embarked upon a new path, where, for 9 years, he proprietorially traded equity securities for National Bank Financial. In 2010, he left to pursue his interest of being an active investor. He currently works and resides in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida where he continues trading a portfolio of North American Equity securities, while having established a growing Florida based business, sourcing, developing and managing residential real estate in Palm Beach County and area.

Nancy Hepburn � Service Experience Analyst Nancy Hepburn - Service Experience Analyst

Mrs. Hepburn is an original analyst and is responsible for the Surviscor Service Level program. The Surviscor Service Level program includes the Customer Email Resposiveness (CER) mystery shopping program which allows Mrs. Hepburn to have the most comprehensive 'pulse' for the level of service provided at Canada's leading financial service firms. Mrs. Hepburn's background includes administrative support for several community-based companies in the Greater Toronto Area.

Steve Hamel � Financial Services and Brokerage Analyst Steve Hamel - Financial Services and Brokerage Analyst

Mr. Hamel is a financial service professional with 20 years of experience in Discount Brokerage, Wealth Management and Business Banking, the majority with TD Greenline and TD Waterhouse. Mr. Hamel started with Surviscor in late 2011. Mr. Hamel's experience includes call-centre management, brokerage operations, online brokerage development and product offering and active trader and high value client strategy and implementation. Mr. Hamel was instrumental in leading the customer facing teams of investment representatives through the critical 'phone to internet' period where the vast majority of customer trades transitioned from phone orders to internet orders.

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