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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Surviscor is an independent Canadian-based business analysis firm that holds extensive experience in all aspects of the Canadian online services. Surviscor analyzes and ranks Canadian online services that are offered to either retail consumers or professional users. Surviscor produces seasonal features and functionality scorCards™ and email responsiveness studies. The scorCards™ rank the individual online firms within their online industry. The Customer Email Responsiveness (CER) rating measures the ability of the individual firms to service customer emails in a timely and efficient manner.

Surviscor’s main mandate is to increase the performance of Canadian online products and services through a common voice of consumers and providers. To accomplish the mandate, Surviscor analyses and ranks the features and functionalities available to Canadians in the online services market, targeting the retail market. Surviscor’s goal is to establish an Canadian online community including users and firms.

The scorCards™ and CER reports serve as industry benchmarks for consumers and industry firms and identify the firms who are considered leading-edge solutions providers and those whose online service offerings are well below industry standards. A list of the current scorCards™ under review can be found in the scorCard™ Review section.

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